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  《Little Women》tells the story of a march. Four sisters at home: the pursuit of noble, but who will take care of the eldest sister Meg,full of restlessness is concerned about the families of Joe Erjie, elegant but selfish Pode Amy's selfless spirit and the need to have Beth's family. Their mother, Marge is the kind of wife, father, Mr. Ma Qi army soldiers. Such a boy and their neighbor Laurie, Laurie,MrLawrence's grandfather, aunt Marchi, as well as friends that have occurred around the home such as the diary as a simple story, but a thought-provoking show of affection, friendship, love. The book is a display of pieces of warm sweet picture of family life, sing the praises of eternal love, touched the hearts of countless readers.Ups and downs, warm and sweet life and destiny, pure emotion, deeply attracted me. A strong, content, full of hope for the future of my four from the heroine's learned. The United States and Georgia, Joe, Beth, Amy them a strong, optimistic spirit of storage I heart.

  From their body, I learned how strong and learned how to be contented, but I can not satisfy the need to learn to always be full of hope for the future and try to chase the dream of optimism. I also learned to cherish the double-owned, and so on do not know who died lost their commendable. We found that everyone should be careful not to bring the advantages of the colored eye can only see other people's shortcomings .

  Keep in mind that happiness is fundamental, www.duhougan.com has to be happy, even if the life of the poor than the rich do not happy the stronger and more! Very often, when we have been dreaming of the things themselves, often forget their own original work and the pay is the most valuable and most admired. If we have forgotten, it will often lose themselves and choose to corrupt, if we are able to firmly keep in mind, we will be able to keep their own efforts to show that the rich and well-being. This is a life of wealth, career, emotional, such as the pursuit of truth, and not just in terms of a family. We would like to be able to bear this in mind, a rich and well-being.

  《 Little Women 》is full of humanity the United States, everyone is to the depths of the soul. The book looked at the growth of people, we can try to deal with the right side of the family, friendship, love, feel the emotions of people of the same age, feel the United States and human nature, the book is also the matter have taken place around us. On, in fact, very complicated, friendship, family, the respect of young and old. This book will tell us how the heart with a harvest of experience, feelings and deal with them and tried to march as one, for these, more an independent firm. Life on the road is bumpy, but as long as we have a firm belief that continued efforts will surely be a success!



  Little woman" is an autobiography novel properties with the family, the author is American Alcott.

  This book was written in four different character marches through their own kind of girl, hardworking and found myself happy story. Novels have dropped the ups and downs of the rock, no fascinating plot of suspense, but the author use si-mp-le language describes marge's family love. Their kindness, love and affection loyalty to deeply touched me. The author describes the details of life is very ordinary, but everywhere to love, reveal the longing for a better life.

  Marge's girl although home, but they are poor in anything positive and optimistic attitude. They stressed the novel character and dignity, also show their self constraint, and become more independent of the four girls are common characteristics. They are constantly to find their own shortcomings and to correct. It is also worth everybody study.

  I liked Meg, like her willingneto love, www.duhougan.com not for money poverty seduced by the character, like her fair maiden wind. I like Joe, like her, like her dream to strive for the firm determination. I like beth, like her quiet, do anything without complaining, like she always for others good moral character. I also like Amy, like her strong, the poor as Keats responsibility of poverty. They are not the same fate with the ideal, but they found a better ending.

  In their opinion, home is their land and sacred shelter. They will listen carefully to the mother's teachings, will use his hands, intelligent nimble invented the brain to another creative mind and beautification of the game. Four sisters growth course is a rich taste of education. The author used neither luxuriant also not boring language shows us a great affection, human friendship and love. In my opinion, it seems that the four sisters, forever and their love and love their lives together is the happiest thing.

  From them, I learned to strong, learn to understand content but cannot satisfy, I learned to hope for the future, and never to chasing the dream of optimism, I also learned mustdouble treasures have died, don't wait until they know lost. We should be careful that everyone has the advantages of not wear blinders only see the faults of others.

  Meg, Joe, beth, Amy, they four strong, optimistic spirit will be stored in my heart. They smile will remain in my mind, reminding me: be strong, have a pure heart.



  Little Women

  Before I read this book, I had watched a cartoon movie made by Japan. So I have a strong interest on it.

  It all begins in the dead of winter; The Christmas Season. The coldest one of all, were the war has made fuel for heating very scarce. While her husband is off at war, Marmee is left alone to raise their four daughters: Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy.

  On Christmas Eve, Marmee has just arrived home from passing out food to the less fortunate with a letter from her husband, the girls' father. The all gather together around the fire to read the letter. Afterwards, the girls are teary eyed. Marmee kisses them and they are off to bed.

  Jo is longing to become a writer. So, every night she stays up late writing the script for soap operas. As morning comes she is the last one awake. The table is set, and food prepared for their Christmas feast.

  As dusk falls, the girls are all up in the attic acting out Jo's play, which she reads from the local (fake) newspaper. As they are performing, their rich, next-door neighbors grandson watches from the window.

  The 2 oldest girls: Jo and Meg, get ready to attend the Christmas Ball. While Jo is curling Meg's hair, there is a strange smell to the air. Amy screams, Megs hair is being singed. They continue digging through the old clothes bin for a pair of white gloves.

  One of the prominent themes in Little Women is the coming of age or maturation of the girls. During the course of the novel we see them grow in many ways -- physically, intellectually, and especially emotionally. One question which readers must ask themselves is whether the views the characters have on the coming of age process are shared by Alcott. If they aren't, what are Alcott's views and how do they differ from those of the women in her story?

  It is interesting to examine the last half of Chapter 20, "Confidential." Jo addresses the maturation issue as she speaks with Marmee of the situation between Meg and Mr. Brooke. The possible love between these two represents one of the very important aspects in coming of age for a teenage girl. Jo treats this natural process as if it were some sort of disease, however. Jo cannot understand why Meg would want to stop behaving "like a sensible creature" (p.202), and refers to love as "such nonsense."

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